This is one of the most reliable paid sources I use. We have one 15,000 visitors package running continuously for our AdCardz Members Co-op, plus I keep another one sending similar numbers to a rotator page where I promote a mix of 10-12 changing offers.

(I find that a great way to signup a few referrals fast on any new program I join, to offset the cost or to fast track the downline-builder elements!)

The packages I use are $99 per month, but here are cheaper options if you want to test it first. Keep in mind the traffic it's mostly people looking for traffic to their own offers... so match your offers to their expectations and interests.

The Hoopla network is basically a series of interconnected downline builders. I've never done much about promoting those, but it could be very useful if you have the traffic to work it for a while, otherwise, just look at this as a simple source of hands-free traffic!

Traffic Hoopla

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