The number of ‘traffic options’ out there can be overwhelming at times, especially if you’re on a budget…

Most seem to promise ‘free’, but eventually reveal a catch, when you discover that while it might technically be free to join, it won’t ever work as promised until you spend some money…

And others are actually free in dollar-terms, but the time required to work them properly means they can end up costing you far more than the premium sites.

So this top ten list is taking a different approach… I’m going to rate these sites on value. What you get out versus what you put in. Some will require a cash payment, others just time, most a bit of both…

Regardless, these are the traffic sites & services I use constantly, because however they’re structured, these are the sites that consistently deliver the best return on my investment!

If you use any of these yourself, please give them a ‘thumbs up’  and/or a social share, to help other readers assess their options!

Of course the one that isn’t listed here is AdCardz… while its not strictly a traffic site, it does generate a load of hands-free traffic once you get your AdBoards up and running. Be sure to look it over while you’re here!



1. Infinity Hits

209 | | 3 |

This is one of the ugliest websites I've ever encountered, but somehow it just works?!

The free account has some standard ad options that deliver a steady stream of visitors, plus it's got a massive downline structure to leverage your efforts. That takes a little while to build up, but once it does, it really takes off.

Given how bad it looks, I doubt too many people ever upgrade immediately, ($10/month or $27 lifetime) but once you see how well it works, you can promote it a bit and earn a few commissions for your upgrade.

Once you've done that, just set up ALL your ads, add your 8Hits referral link to a rotator that gets a bit of traffic... and forget about it! Check back in a month or two and you should get a very nice surprise!

2. Leased Ad Space

156 | | 2 |

This is one I consider a long-term  'investment site'.  You can sign up for free and put it to work... you'll get credits to post a free ad immediately on joining... but then as you see it in action, you can take small upgrades that deliver a little more value each time.

The first upgrade is just $7 and lets you send a monthly Solo... that gets good quality clicks... plus a lot of other advertising options. And because this is primarily a paid site, all the visitors you get are quality hits.

Highly recommended... and AdCardz members should definitely sign up, set up some ads and then create an AdCard on each of their own boards!

3. Global Ad Store

145 | | 1 |

You'll probably have guessed from this list that I'm not a fan of Traffic Surfing. For me, it's about the worst possible use of my time and pretty much anything else you do is going to be better value.

That said, TE traffic can convert the right kind of offers, so it can actually be worth paying for it! Obviously you'll want to test the offer carefully first, but if it converts on free traffic, then this site is a great 'next step' to ramp it up a level and see if it's worth a full-fledged paid campaign.

GlobalAdStore lets you purchase credits that get your offer views across a large network of traffic exchange sites, so you get instant access to a broad audience for a very small investment. You can purchase credit packs as required, or I prefer to take a small monthly subscription and just point that to a rotator page. Getting good value here is very much about matching your offers to the audience... it's traffic exchange traffic, so all the standard traffic, ads and income offers tend to convert quite well!

4. State Of The Art Mailer

190 | | 1 |

While Safelist Mailers aren't generally the best quality traffic, I do use SOTAM regularly to test my offers and my emails. Using The Organiser I can clock up the required credits and then send an email to 3000 people in no time at all, and by using the same site and same numbers every time, I have a consistent benchmark to assess my results.

And SOTAM is one of the best!

It's been around forever and still gets some of the read and click-through rates you'll see. It's structured so most Members will view some emails to 'escalate' their send button before they mail, so everyone participates. And because it offers even better value to upgraded Members, a large part of that audience is genuine buyer traffic.

There are bigger lists out there and there's plenty of network ad offers that promise a bigger audience, but none that I've tried deliver the quality you get here.

If you use safelists, make sure SOTAM is one of your regulars! And if you prefer Paid Solos, use SOTAM to test your emails and your subject lines to ensure you get maximum return on your investment!

5. Udimi Solo Ads Marketplace

245 | | 0 |

Udimi is a massive marketplace of Solo Ad Sellers, all fully reviewed and rated, so you can purchase a batch of traffic to test, and then ramp it up if you get the results you're after.

You'll want to purchase at least 100-200 visitors for a test, and then go back for larger batches if they convert. It's definitely not the cheapest option on this page, but the reliability and quality makes it easily the best value.

Obviously not an option if you're starting out and on a tight budget, but once you've got some cash to invest in traffic... and you've got a good offer that converts with free/cheap traffic... try this any you'll be blown away by how much better you can do with quality leads!  

6. The Organizer

245 | | 0 |

This site doesn't deliver visitors itself, but it is the best way... perhaps THE ONLY WAY... to use Safelist Mailers efficiently. It retrieves batches of credit mails from your GMail account at timed intervals, so you can read & click super-fast, and clock up a lot of sending credits in a short period of time.

It includes a free trial, so you can grab that and go hard for 14 days to earn a load of free credits to test it out. Pick your mailers carefully and you can earn enough credits to mail regularly with just a small regular effort. At just $5 a month, this is one of the best value tools on this page!

7. Traffic Hoopla

193 | | 0 |

This is one of the most reliable paid sources I use. We have one 15,000 visitors package running continuously for our AdCardz Members Co-op, plus I keep another one sending similar numbers to a rotator page where I promote a mix of 10-12 changing offers.

(I find that a great way to signup a few referrals fast on any new program I join, to offset the cost or to fast track the downline-builder elements!)

The packages I use are $99 per month, but here are cheaper options if you want to test it first. Keep in mind the traffic it's mostly people looking for traffic to their own offers... so match your offers to their expectations and interests.

The Hoopla network is basically a series of interconnected downline builders. I've never done much about promoting those, but it could be very useful if you have the traffic to work it for a while, otherwise, just look at this as a simple source of hands-free traffic!

8. Traffic Ad Bar

145 | | 0 |

Traffic Ad Bar is a quiet achiever that will deliver endless traffic to your offers... if you take a little time to set it up right. The most important step is to set up some TAB pages for your main offers... links to pages that show your offer with the TAB ad bar across the bottom... and then use those links for some of your promos.

When you do that, every visitor you send to your offers is also going to generate another visitor from somewhere on the vast TAB network. And that is huge... it gets your offers onto thousands of other websites, totally hands-free.

And because you're promoting your TAB links, you'll also be growing your TAB downline, leveraging your results even further. If you're not already using TAB, or you've never really understood the potential, take a moment to check it out now to do a test...

Create a TAB page for your primary offer, add that link to your rotator so it gets a bit of daily traffic... and forget about it! Check back in a month and you will be impressed.

It's worth mentioning you can seriously ramp this up with some surfing or an upgrade if you want/need faster results. It's generally pretty good traffic as far as Traffic Exchanges go, and it's one of the few TEs I'll ever pay for!

9. So Many Hits

220 | | 0 |

This one is all about long term value... plus a super handy tool to use right now. SMH lets you create unique 'tracking links' that you then use when you're promoting your sites. That's important in it's own right as most people don't bother tracking properly.

SMH takes it a step further though, with a unique viral structure, that builds you a downline automatically, every time you share one of your personal tracking links. And as your SMH downline grows, the extra exposure you get to all your tracked links can really take off.

(We're Walking the Talk here... you'll notice every link on this page is using the SMH tracker. Because it works!)

10. Leads Leap

178 | | 0 |

This is another of my combo favourites, that lets you earn credits and use them to generate new traffic, all hands free...

Use their tools and widgets on your websites and blogs to generate credits, which you can then use to bring visitors to your offers. This isn't particularly high-volume traffic, but it's about as good as you'll find.

Plus there's a set of very useful business and marketing tools thrown in, a simple affiliate program to leverage your efforts, and these guys actually recommend that you DON'T upgrade... until you're totally sold on the package!

Top 10 Best Value Traffic Sites
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