You'll probably have guessed from this list that I'm not a fan of Traffic Surfing. For me, it's about the worst possible use of my time and pretty much anything else you do is going to be better value.

That said, TE traffic can convert the right kind of offers, so it can actually be worth paying for it! Obviously you'll want to test the offer carefully first, but if it converts on free traffic, then this site is a great 'next step' to ramp it up a level and see if it's worth a full-fledged paid campaign.

GlobalAdStore lets you purchase credits that get your offer views across a large network of traffic exchange sites, so you get instant access to a broad audience for a very small investment. You can purchase credit packs as required, or I prefer to take a small monthly subscription and just point that to a rotator page. Getting good value here is very much about matching your offers to the audience... it's traffic exchange traffic, so all the standard traffic, ads and income offers tend to convert quite well!

Global Ad Store

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