While Safelist Mailers aren't generally the best quality traffic, I do use SOTAM regularly to test my offers and my emails. Using The Organiser I can clock up the required credits and then send an email to 3000 people in no time at all, and by using the same site and same numbers every time, I have a consistent benchmark to assess my results.

And SOTAM is one of the best!

It's been around forever and still gets some of the read and click-through rates you'll see. It's structured so most Members will view some emails to 'escalate' their send button before they mail, so everyone participates. And because it offers even better value to upgraded Members, a large part of that audience is genuine buyer traffic.

There are bigger lists out there and there's plenty of network ad offers that promise a bigger audience, but none that I've tried deliver the quality you get here.

If you use safelists, make sure SOTAM is one of your regulars! And if you prefer Paid Solos, use SOTAM to test your emails and your subject lines to ensure you get maximum return on your investment!

State Of The Art Mailer

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