Traffic Ad Bar is a quiet achiever that will deliver endless traffic to your offers... if you take a little time to set it up right. The most important step is to set up some TAB pages for your main offers... links to pages that show your offer with the TAB ad bar across the bottom... and then use those links for some of your promos.

When you do that, every visitor you send to your offers is also going to generate another visitor from somewhere on the vast TAB network. And that is huge... it gets your offers onto thousands of other websites, totally hands-free.

And because you're promoting your TAB links, you'll also be growing your TAB downline, leveraging your results even further. If you're not already using TAB, or you've never really understood the potential, take a moment to check it out now to do a test...

Create a TAB page for your primary offer, add that link to your rotator so it gets a bit of daily traffic... and forget about it! Check back in a month and you will be impressed.

It's worth mentioning you can seriously ramp this up with some surfing or an upgrade if you want/need faster results. It's generally pretty good traffic as far as Traffic Exchanges go, and it's one of the few TEs I'll ever pay for!

Traffic Ad Bar

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